We know you love champagne, we’ve read your blog…

Second week back and well into the new year and this week has been crazy. My Monday started off well.  I am good on Mondays, I get really motivated and was on track for everything for my seminar I was to deliver on Wednesday morning.  It’s nice having only one event a week.  I am sure it won’t last long but it’s great.  I have about 10 other projects I am working on which are exciting so it’s really motivating me and giving me the time to give them my all.

On Tuesday I was at Hotel Cafe Royal to meet their sales manager and the lovely The Leading Hotels Of The World over breakfast followed by a site visit. If you are yet to get to the hotel, you need to go. Since Tuesday I have become obsessed with it and what I could use it for.  I was particularity in love with The Oscar Wilde Bar.  The bar has been exquisitely restored to its authentic Louis XVI detailing and it is just stunning. You can privately hire the space for your events or the public can head along daily for afternoon tea from 12.00 pm or in the evenings from Tuesday to Saturday for their cabaret show! In the afternoon I attended a tasting for Spring and then had a work dinner as well.. I wonder why I am getting fatter!

Hotel Cafe Royal

Wednesday morning was my seminar with a 5.00 am start  which went very well if I do say so myself. There is a formula for seminars that if you stick to the fundamentals, all will go well…. hopefully!

morning coffeeIt doesn’t account for last minute slide changes or av issues but in general, do everything on your checklist and you should have a good night’s sleep the night before which is interesting as I didn’t! That though is the fault of the hotel I was staying in which although nice enough, their toilets have a habit of  refilling every hour on the hour!

Thursday was full of seminar follow-up and back onto those other 10 projects and looking for a new course to do.  I am obsessed with studying. I need something to do in the evenings, whether it’s my blog or my weekend wedding business or studying something on-line so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know!

Its Friday now, I today received a very exciting invitation to attend Champagne tasting in February and an event at the ME to which the email went like this “Dear Michelle, as we know you love champagne from reading your blog, we would love you to join us…” ha ha.  Now, my day is over and am looking forward to the weekend.  My husband (still love saying that) and I are going to ride our bikes on the weekend for lunch at Toby Cottage.  Riding bikes means I can’t have my usual 2 bottles of wine so should be feeling fresh on Monday!

Senior Woman Drinking Champagne 1

Happy Weekend everyone #eventprofs