Gleneagles – perfect for groups

With each season spent at Gleneagles, you can experience a different hotel. This was my third time to the property however my first time hosting a FAM with there and I must say seeing the faces of our members experience the property for the first time certainly cemented a sense of pride in not only a network for the experiences we can bring our members but in Gleneagles it’s self for the vast changes it has undertaken over the years and for being privy to them.

Gleneagles first opened its doors in 1924, it is an institution in Scotland and was described as “Riviera in the Highlands”. It is now a member of the Leading Hotels of the world and indeed it is, it is just stunning and whether you are there for leisure, business or a bit of both (as we are) you will most certainly fall in love with this property and its unrivalled and unparalleled grounds, views, activities, people and everything in between.

Our FAM started on a Sunday with members making the short flight up from either Gatwick, Heathrow or Luton. I did the trip via Heathrow from my home to Gleneagles in 4.5 hours (door to door) which is not what you would have anticipated. A short, flight with just enough time for a coffee and 40 winks sees you land in Edinburgh within 50 minutes and just a short 45-minute drive to the property.

On arrival, our members checked into their gorgeous rooms before a short site visit of all the meeting and events spaces on offer at Gleneagles and even though I had been to the property previously AND had arrived a day earlier and thought I had seen them all it turns out that I in-fact hadn’t and there was about 20 more I had yet to see. 

I will be honest, I would like to write about each and everyone but there are simply too many so I will share a link here –  I will say our favourite spaces were The Glendevon which is as opulent as it is grand and has some pretty amazing views whilst dining along with The Cellars where you can fit up to 20 for a private dining experience.

After our site visit, it was a couple of hours to sample the very decadent spa where we sampled the sauna, jacuzzi, steam room, heated lounge chairs, back in the jacuzzi, a quick snooze and then it was time to get ready for pre-dinner drinks and dinner. The food and beverage at Gleneagles are as vast as they are delicious with nine separate dining experiences one of which Andrew Fairlie, the only restaurant in Scotland to hold two Michelin stars. Unfortunately, the Michelin starred restaurant was closed however we were lucky enough to eat in The Strathearn which was outstanding.

After dinner, it was off to The American Bar where we had a couple of cocktails and I may or may not have had one too many absinthes and made up my theme song?! Before we were off to bed, ready for a full day of activities.

On Monday morning we were up bright and early for a group breakfast which was a breakfast of dreams, the hotel serves the most outstanding breakfast buffet ever and I did not stop talking about the four different types of sausages, the five different types of nut butter and the children’s dedicated buffet station. Your delegates would love it, the options on offer are vast and as with the rest of the outlets at Gleneagles, the service is outstanding.

After breakfast, it was off to sample the activity options and for your delegates there really are an abundance. Of course, Gleneagles is synonymous for its three championship golf courses but there is so much more than golf. Our group were lucky enough to try our hand at clay pigeon shooting, falconry, learning about the gun dogs and visited the golf clinic. Whilst it was only a snippet of each we got to see and feel what our delegates would and it is fantastic. Such wonderful options to suit any group.

After our activities, it was more food, a quick nip back to the sap and then into cars for the short drive back to the airport.

We LOVED our Gleneagles FAM. The group has come back with some amazing ideas for their events and we can’t see how they all pan out. Huge thanks to Dan for hosting the group and arranging the snow for us (and hail at one point) you did go above and beyond to make it memorable. You can reach out to Dan here for more information or email us and we will put you in touch.


Kate and I started Eventprosflive, a networking group run by us (Corporate Event Managers) for Corporate Event Managers and we grow bigger every day!

It is hard work working in a full time, busy Event Manager role then spending your evenings, lunch breaks and weekends working on our group but it is so worth it.

We love our members, we love our events and are so grateful to all those lovely venues who host us month after month.

If you are a Corporate Event Manger and feel daunted by the thought of attending a networking event don’t be. We promise the people you will meet will soon become friends, you’ll see some amazing venues and will come to love our Whatsapp chat to bounce ideas of other Event Managers.

We have an exciting rest of 2018 planned and you can read all about our upcoming events and membership options here!

The tasting…

I once took my husband to a tasting with me and he was in awe. We were in Barcelona and I guess to a non event manager it’s a pretty exciting prospect to spend all day eating and drinking…

We had to first taste canapés then two separate three course meals at two separate caterers with three options for each. We had to “taste” 18 separate dishes to suit the three courses and then choose from over 18 wines to suit the dishes we were going to select.

My husband was in heaven and I can see its appeal but as an event planner doing this sometimes twice a week it can be a tough chore. You have the responsibility of choosing the courses not based just on what you like but what will suit the event.  You need to choose based on the seniority of guests attending, you need to choose based on costs, theme of the event and the season your holding the event in.  You need to choose the menu based on anticipated dietary requirements, on the dominant sex attending the event and so on and so forth. Whilst it certainly isn’t a chore it is work and it is a responsibility, like the other million other responsibilities us event managers have that we take very seriously!

What are your tips and tricks when attending a tasting to ensure you choose the right menu?

Corporate Event Managers do it better…

I am a corporate event manger.  Lucky for me I have always worked in corporate events. I worked my way up by landing a role as an event co-coordinator before being promoted to events executive.  I then worked very hard to get a promotion to events manager to now working in a senior events adviser role. I have put in the years, the early starts and in the beginning, shed a few tears (mostly at failed av).  I have gone from putting badges together all day to managing 300 person international conferences.. on my own. I love my job and I honestly think corporate events roles are the best. I may though be biased and as I don’t really have any experience in any other types of events andI don’t really know how I can comment. But I am! #lol

Being a corporate event manager means every single day is different. One day you might be organising a breakfast seminar, the next a drinks reception at a swanky bar all whilst working on the firm Christmas party at the end of the year and a conference in Dubai a month after that. It is long hours, it is stressful days BUT it is fun and I wouldn’t do anything else!

Getting a role in corporate is hard. From people I speak to in the industry, it is one of the most sought after gigs so, here are a few tips for getting into corporate:

  • Offer to do unpaid work experience. If you can’t afford to do it free, or already have a job so you can’t find the time, then do it out of hours, take a weeks leave, anything, just get some experience and the opportunity to wow someone.
  • Go for a role in a organisation that will allow you to move around.  I started as a PA many years ago in a law firm.  I studied an events diploma in my spare time and when the role came up, I went for it!
  • Network, network, network. Networking is key. Go to events where you will meet other people that are doing the job you want. Ask questions, ask how they got in and get yourself known. If I meet someone I know is looking for a role and I hear of one, I always let them know.

If you need any advice at all please drop me a line. Like I said, I think being a corporate event manger is the best and I am more than happy to share the love.





Eventprofslive is a networking group for Event Managers setup and run by Event Managers!11928685_10153490985521224_2089140882_n

We know there are a few in our industry however what we couldn’t find when we decided to set up Eventprofslive was a networking group run by people actually working in the industry, every day, 9 to 5 (or more like 7 to 8) and we think that makes our group unique.

We think this is important when you need advice, information and support and hopefully, that’s where we can help. img_0058

We have monthly breakfast, lunch and evening events in London to see new spaces, network and have a few drinks.

For further information email

Travelling well for #Eventprofs

I used to be a Flight Attendant.  For six years I travelled the world be it working on a 14 hour flight to New York or 5 hour flight to Istanbul so when I travel for work now, I know what you need to do to feel great at the other side!

Here are my top tips for ensuring you feel great when you’re travelling and working away.

  • Water is key. Drink water, not booze on the plane.  On a holiday I will knock back wine like it’s the last bottle on the face of the earth but on a work trip… never! Every part of your event, from the site visit to flying out to the actual conference you should be observing and taking it all in. How fast is the service? where do the buses leave from? how smooth is customs? I take in absolutely everything and don’t want to miss a thing so whilst it might be tempting to have that wine, don’t! it’s just not worth it. Drinking water is essential to keep you hydrated during the flight. You’re sharper when your hydrated, less sluggish or I find, have more energy.
  • Look professional. I know it’s tempting to wear jeans (and I have once or twice) but I try not to. Even when your flying out way before your clients you are still representing your company when you arrive at the hotel or meeting your suppliers. I always want to look professional and I just don’t think jeans project that image. sorry!

A executive business woman leaving a plane

  • Over-pack. Who cares if you have to check your bag in? personally, I would rather have too much than not enough. Every day on-site you need to look professional and presentable. Don’t wear the same outfit from yesterday for god’s sake. Presentation counts for a lot and by bringing more than you need, you won’t be left scrounging around for something to wear when that alarm goes off at 6.00 am.
  • Work out. Blah – it drives me insane when people say they don’t have time to exercise. Every single person has the same amount of hours in the day and if some can, you can. Get up early it really is that simple. So you went to bed at 2.00 am after a gala dinner and have to get up at 6.00 am to check breakfast. So what, 30 minutes extra sleep will make NO DIFFERENCE and the benefits of squeezing in a quick workout will make you feel way better than an extra 30 minutes sleep. Just set the alarm and do it. Exercise is important to keep a healthy mind and keep focus. I think it is so important to try to fit in some form of exercise every day. Sporty lady choosing apple over donut
  • Eat Well. When you’re working away, it is so tempting to buffet-it-up at every meal, because it is there and it is easy and it is fuel but it is just going to make you feel like crap. Try and think ahead so you don’t let yourself get so hungry that you hit the buffet. I like to take along my own protein bars, nuts and fruit in my bag so that if I am running low I will always have something on hand. Try it!


Let me know what your top tips are for staying healthy when travelling?


When is too many canapés, to many canapés?

This is my week in food and not even a full week…. From Tuesday to Friday.  I love all the perks and fabulous food we Event Managers have access to but this week was ridiculous. I have literally put on 2 kilos in 4 days and I can’t wait until next week when the husband and I do our #clean9 detox!

The only plus side (and the reason for doing it) is making some great choices for menu’s for upcoming events!

October – #eventprofslive at The Ritz

Last Wednesday Kate & I hosted our October #eventprofslive networking event for Event Managers at The Ritz.

On arrival, our group of 10 met in The Ritz Fine Jewellery and if trying on £1M diamond rings isn’t the best start to your event, then I don’t know what is.  On arrival, we were greeted with wonderful champagne and after a brief introduction on the collection, our group was allowed to try on the pieces. It really was a once in a lifetime opportunity. How many people can say they have tried on jewellery at The Ritz. I couldn’t stop raving about it when I got back work and already have enquires to host another client event there.

The Ritz112064083_10153593574216224_664880410_nAfter trying on the jewellery, we were then given a show round of all the fabulous private dining spaces in The Ritz. There are so many different options and different ways the different rooms work together. My two favourites are the music room and the red room. Any event you held there would be stunning, its The Ritz!  If you would like to find out more about the different spaces you can email them here.

After our show round our group had a lovely spot in the hotel were we could network and eat fabulous canapés. One our group was gluten free and had her own plate of canapés, instantly. The service was perfect, the staff delightful.

A few of us left around 9.00 pm and the rest of the party stayed on to drink Champagne.. it really was a great night.

Our #eventprofslive is gaining new members every week. We love it and find the networking a nice mix of work and life and the chance each month to see a new venue so useful. We talk about everything from event trends to getting over jet lag.  You can email us here for more information.

What A week

I don’t want to jinx it but I AM SO HAPPY.

On Monday I started my new role as an Event Advisor (rather than Event Manager) and I keep pinching myself. Not only is the role ever so interesting, my team are all so lovely and supportive and the firm is just outstanding.  I have been in training for most of the week as there is a lot to learn but I have been able to get started on my own projects already which is really exciting.

On Tuesday we held our #eventprofs networking drinks at the Andaz Hotel.  I will need to write about this properly as the event was such a success. Kate and I had around 20 event managers from corporate, agencies and venues and we all had a great time. You know it is a good event when the free drinks stopped and everyone stayed.


It’s now Friday and I have a tasting this afternoon which I am looking forward to and then the lovely long weekend with a wedding!

Happy Friday everyone!

Are you a member madam?

Ok so you need to be a member to be able to go but joining is easy and so worth it. I think I have found cocktail heaven. The Covent Garden Cocktail club is situated right near Leicester Square station, down some very steep stairs and is quite the find (thanks Meaghan).

In their own words…

“The Covent Garden Cocktail Club is an amalgamation of everything that is classic British hospitality!”

Every Tuesday to Saturday, from 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm its happy hour where you can get everything from a Jam Jar Daiquiri to a Monkeys Nuts cocktail which is Monkey Shoulder Blended Scotch, amaretto, peanut butter, pineapple & vanilla.  I am quite partial to gin and had 2 (4… actually which is why my head is banging today) of their “London Calling” cocktails which was Bombay Sapphire, Fino Sherry, Lemon Juice, Orange Bitter and sugar which were amazing.

The GCCC can be hired exclusively for an event and even have a pull down screen for move nights.IMG_1982I will definitely be going back…

 The Covent Garden Cocktail Club

6 – 7 Great Newport Street, WC2H7JB