I’m sorry I can’t come in today…

When your an event manager and your sick, what do you do? Seriously, if you are off work (in the voice of Olivia Pope) WHAT DO YOU DO??? I have been battling this dreaded flu for 3 whole days, I made it into the office Monday and Tuesday but today…I just couldn’t do it, this morning my glands were so swollen, I couldn’t move.   I am so bored, I am going crazy. My husband just came home from work and literally couldn’t stop talking. I love my own company, I am pretty fun on my own…   but when I’m not well and I can’t work, and I can’t exercise and I know I just need to rest to get over the stupid thing it drives me crazy.

We event managers move at a million miles an hour so what I want to know, from any other event managers reading this.. how do you cope being ill? How do you sit still?