Winning the day by winning your morning

I was overjoyed when Matteo reached out to have me join him on his podcast last week. Talking about my morning routines is something I am not only passionate about, but so overjoyed to be able to share what I have learnt in a bid to help others.

I completed my coaching qualifications last year and found what I learnt of tremendous benefit to myself. What I learnt from my studies is that the most important thing is inspiring myself first (kind of like fit your own oxygen mask first) and, I know I do that well and if I can do it for a few others along the way and that, is worth so much to me.

In the Smart Talks Show, I talk through:

– The secret to win your day

– How to balance fun and life goals

– 6 Fs morning strategy

– The importance of incorporating fun in our lives

– My Leadership philosophy

– Suggestions on learning resources

– Tips & tricks to remain disciplined and motivated

You can listen to the episode here and if you’d like my time for a chat, drop me a line! I’d love to help motivate and inspire where I can.