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Run Forest Run…

I don’t usually write about sport or fitness as I am far from an expert.  I have however exercised my whole life.  One of my first jobs was as the receptionist at a gym and throughout every career ever since, no matter where in the world I am I will always exercise.  I remember a few random gyms I have been to in everywhere from Casablanca to Bangladesh.  The gym I used to go to in Bangladesh even had one of those machines where you just stood there and there was this rubber band thing that just shook your ass back and forth…

My favorite is jogging, running, sprinting.. whatever you want to call it and to me, there is nothing better.

Running fixes everything. If you feel sad, run and you will always feel better.  If you feel fat, run and it will help you to feel better.  If I am really stressed I will go for a run to clear my head, go over things as I run and I always feel better when I get back and ready to tackle anything!

Working in events is hard as the varied hours make it difficult to plan. More often than not I will plan to go out at lunchtime and will get an extra meeting put in my diary or an event that runs over so I plan ahead.  On an event day I will run in the morning to give me a boost.  If I can’t go in the morning, I go at lunch and failing that, after work. If you plan ahead you can achieve everything.  It’s the same when your travelling.  Most hotels have a gym and if not, go outside! We event managers need to use energy to get energy so we can do our jobs well!

So, if your reading this and were contemplating going for a run DO IT – it really does make the world of difference..

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