My week one on #thebodycoach #90DAYSSSPLAN

So blah blah it’s not about the scales but as much as people say it, the more I am sticking to my guns. Yes muscle ways more that fat but I’m sorry, not that much! So, this morning, after my first week on the #90DAYSSSPLAN I was oh so happy to have lost 1.3  kilos in only one week not to mention my body looks different and more toned.

My aim is to follow this plan to a T however being an event manager with the long hours means its hard (not impossible, just hard). I attended two functions where I stuck to water and had to refuse canapés.  I also made it through a mates leaving do only drinking “fancy water” and a family dinner with the help of coffee when everyone else was drinking lovely wine. Saying no to canapés sux quite frankly but I found by eating my dinner before I went to an event then I was full and wasn’t tempted.

My one week verdict – DO IT.

I feel amazing, I have energy, I look better, I feel better and the food is so good. beef
Preparation (like life) is definitely the key and every few days I am making enough meals for 3 days for my husband and I. Bradley isn’t on my plan but he trains hard and is enjoying the food. Our favourite is the protein pancakes and I can’t get enough of the stuffed capsicums.

I thought the goal was to eat more and I am, but I have also been logging the calories to see how I am going and its actually less than I was eating before but WAY more food in terms of bulk. I am not overly hungry either.  In terms of the exercise, I did 5 HIIT workouts during the week with rest days Thursday and Sunday and I could have done more. It’s easy to get up early and get it done and as we work such long and varied hours, I think this is the best in case of a meeting over running or being at an event late.

Can’t wait for this week though… we are off to a wedding so I might have a sneaky one and then Rome the week after and as much as I am loving the programme I am not going to Italy and not having Wine!