end of #cycletwo on the #90daysssplan

Well! here I am, I have made it through 8 weeks of the #90daysssplan and tomorrow morning I hand in my measurements and statistics.   Since starting I have lost 2.5 kilos from the start of cycle 1 and absolutely nothing on cycle 2.  Considering I have eaten pasta, rice and bread for every single meal no weight gain is pretty good going.  The Body Coach has insisted we must stay away from “the sad step” and I get it,  I really do. He introduced weights in this cycle and “apparently” muscle weighs more than fat so even though it kills me not to have dropped any weight on the scales, I know I feel leaner so hey ho.

This cycle has been harder than cycle 1 and I am sure people will love it at first, I kind of did but OMG the amount of food is epic. I will be honest, if I ate every single thing, every single day, it was the exception.  I really just couldn’t eat it all.  One trick I learnt though in the last 2 weeks was to make roasted pepper and tomato soup in batches a few times a week and drink that with most meals.  Some days for breakfast I just had a sausage sandwich without all the other crap and some days I had fish, brown rice, yoghurt, spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms. An epic breakfast by anyone’s standards!

Exercise wise, the cycle involves HIIT training followed by weights on a different part of the body each training day, followed by another round of HIIT and more weights. It took me around 45 minutes and this part, I believe, is tailored to each client.  I am part of a large Instagram community and through sharing information and commenting on each others posts, you learn that even through people are on the same cycle, our plans aren’t identical. I have found Instagram really great for motivation and inspiration.

Now for the important part! Half way through the month I got on the scales and weighed heavier than when I started – I sent copious emails moaning to my trainer Joe, I guess I just wanted Joe to say “it’s not working, stop eating carbs” lol but he didn’t, he explained about water and carbs and weighing heavier, feeling bloated etc so I kept going and made my workouts even harder. I am not a quitter and refused to give up and I made it to the end of this cycle YAHOOO

The problem now though is I leave for Australia for a month in 2 weeks so I am only going to be able to do half of #cyclethree but I will do it, and I will push myself even harder.

If you are thinking of signing up, just do it. I spent ages at the gym and running or doing any type of exercise really.  I have never have been one to eat shit food and whilst I am in no way fat, I am certainly not the way I was 5 years ago. This will not end for me when I finish the plan.  I feel amazing and stronger and happier and just healthier. I hardly drink any more and its helped keep my mind sharp to make some great (scary) career choices.  These 2 months have educated me as to what to eat and when and to eat way more than what I used to.  Before I used to have a breakfast bar and a coffee for breakfast, now, I am eating a 3 course meal.

Please do feel free to ask me any questions you have and until I get started on cycle 3, I am actually going to keep going on cycle 2, no breaks for me!!

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